• Image of Puddle Plate - MADE TO ORDER

Puddle Plate by Sigrid Volders

A unique hand built plate in a free form

You can either let Sigrid freely create or
choose from these combinations:

1. Stracciatella Clay and Cream Speckled Glaze
2. Stracciatella Clay and Lime Green Glaze
3. Stracciatella Clay and Matte Midnight Blue Glaze

4. White Clay and Matte White Speckled Glaze
5. White Clay and Satin Lavender blue Glaze

6. Grey Speckled Clay and Warm Brown Glaze

7. Black Truffle Clay and Sheer Glaze

NOTE: the pictured plates are just examples, all new plates will have a unique shape!


various shape and size between 10 x 14 cm

various shape and size between 14 x 18 cm

when purchasing a Clay Club item it will be hand made especially for you within a period of 4 to 6 weeks. You will hear from us personally when your item is ready to be shipped to you.

Stoneware, glazed and fired at 1250°
One of a kind, handmade in Antwerp, Belgium 2020