Clay Club is a shared ceramics studio hosting two artists Joke Leonare & Sigrid Volders.


Joke is a graphic designer and runs the record label Jj funhouse. Sigrid is a make-up artist and part of creative collectives Earth.Rope.Pot.Plant and Nine Islands.

Since 2016, they've been working apart and together with clay and glazes in their shared workshop. They both focus on handmade unique pieces, embrace imperfection and favour small series over large quantities. Their forms are organic, their colour palette quirky.

During her training, Sigrid developed a fascination for glazes and their chemistry, which lead her to create an ever growing archive of colour glazes.

Joke is self-taught and creates idiosyncratic pieces that fit nicely with the work of Sigrid

-text by Barbara Serulus-

Located in Antwerp, Belgium.